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“ …I was checking off my shopping list as I slowly pushed my grocery cart, slightly leaning against it, trying so hard to hide the limp that had now become so apparent. Suddenly I realized there was an item I had missed. Oh NO! It was two aisles over, an aisle that I already had walked past. I paused, leaning more against my cart, hoping to take some of the weight and pain away from my deteriorating left hip. I thought long and hard, do I really need that item? Can I do without it? Was it worth walking back TWO long painful aisles to get to that item? I decided no, it was not worth it, even though I really wanted that item, the cost of that item now equated to the amount of pain it would take to obtain it. The thought of that excruciating hip pain brought tears to my eyes, tears that I slowly and secretly wiped away… Vicky”

If the words above hit home, you have come to the right place. Welcome to the Surface Hippy Info Hip Resurfacing Site, an Alternative to Total Hip Replacement! We are Surface Hippies (Hip Resurfacing patients), we all share a common story.

The above was mine, (meet Vicky Marlow founder of this website). I went from a very active female in her 40’s to being totally disabled, unable to walk without a cane. I am now pain free, after my Hip Resurfacing on December 1, 2005 (prior to FDA approval) under the skilled hands of the world renowned surgeon, Dr. Vijay Bose in India.

Welcome to the Surface Hippy Info/ Hip Resurfacing site, the Alternative to Total Hip Replacement and your new family. Read this page carefully, and bookmark it, this site is filled with a ton of information that will be crucial through your journey to find answers. It is updated with new info almost daily. To meet fellow Surface Hippies (Hip Resurfacing patients), join the Surface Hippy Hip Resurfacing Message board & Survey Group

My other hip also started deteriorating last year and I had my right hip resurfaced just in December of 2010, I have now joined the ranks of the bilaterals with two bionic BHR’s. If you have had Hip Resurfacing surgery already or are in the process of looking into your options, please meet fellow Surface Hippies or soon to be Surface Hippies by joining the support group and feel free to post questions, information, or if you want to just give words of encouragement or need words of encouragement to or from fellow patients. We all need some support as we go through this and what better support than from someone that has been through it already. There are many wonderful Surface Hippies / Hip Resurfacing patients out there, ready and willing to help you along your journey…

The Surface Hippy Info / Hip Resurfacing Site Message board consists of Hip Resurfacing patients past and present all there to support each other from pre surgery to post op.

Also keep in mind that the main website Hip Resurfacing Site has a ton of information that you will want to read. That site is growing all the time and the amount of information can be hard to sift through, or you can also email me at the Contact Us link on that website at anytime and ask and I can point you to where the information is personally.

Purpose of This Site

This Surface Hippy / Hip Resurfacing Site was created by a Surface Hippy (a fellow patient) and is here for the global community of Surface Hippies (Hip Resurfacing patients and those looking into hip surgery) or Alternatives to Total Hip Replacement to collect and share: a comprehensive knowledge base on Hip Resurfacing; scientific and anecdotal statistics; and personal Hip Resurfacing stories to help people return to happy and productive lives, and to pay it forward to future generations. You will see many Hip Resurfacing patient videos throughout the Hip Stories section showing a full return to active lives including surfing, martial arts, tennis-handball-squash-racquetball, skiing, dancing, yoga, marathon and even Ironman triathlons. You will also find over 20 video interviews with some of the world’s top Orthpopedic surgeons so that you as a patient can conduct a virtual interview at

The re-emergence of Hip Resurfacing as a viable option worldwide is largely due to patient-driven demand. Active patients that demand an Alternative option to a Total Hip Replacement. To ensure the long-term success of Hip Resurfacing, patients must educate and empower themselves to make the right decisions about the surgeons and procedures they choose.

Patients need to know what questions to ask to find the right surgeon for Hip Resurfacing, as well as to send a message to the doctors who aren’t current with the most successful techniques.

Complicated cases require the very best surgeons, and there is quite a range in skill and experience.

Surgeons that perform Total Hip Replacements do not always perform Hip Resurfacings, but all the surgeons that do Hip Resurfacing also do Total Hip Replacements.

You need the most accurate information you can get, because your quality of life depends on it. And nobody cares about your quality of life as much as you do.

Find out if Hip Resurfacing, an alternative to Total Hip Replacement, is the right solution for you, as it is for many young – or young-at-heart patients.


And please visit the support group, join and introduce yourself and for more information visit the Hip Resurfacing Site.

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