Overseas Cost Comparison

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Excel version updated September 14, 2011, you will require Excel in order to open it

Click to download the Microsoft Excel document.

India Checklist

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Temple Tour  – Mahabalpuram

  • CALL Bank UP CREDIT/DEBIT AMOUNT & ADVISE will be in India
  • DVD Movies
  • Check Walkabout Travel Gear
  • Power Adaptor Grounded for India
  • Wet Wipes, Purell
  • Airbourne
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Preparing for Overseas Travel

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If you are the type that does not want to face all the many details involved in traveling abroad but have your surgery booked with a surgeon overseas like Dr. De Smet or Dr. Bose, then here are some tips for you. First if you really want everything left up to someone else that can handle all the details for you, try a Medical Tourism company. There are many to be careful with, not all are upfront and honest.
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